High Pressure Multistage Pumps

High Pressure Multistage Pumps

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Pumps are horizontal, multistage, radially split, connected through spacers.

All rotating parts are supported by ball bearings, which are external to the casing of the pump – to ensure sound and reliable operations under heavy duty.

Axial thrust is balanced by balancing drum device.

Discharge nozzle is radial and upward oriented while suction nozzle can be placed radially or sideways.

Flanges are according to UNI 2223 PN 25 or according to ANSI standards (on request) .

Any standard single / double mechanised seal offered.


Available in CI, Bronze, CF8, CF8M, and CF3M


General purpose pumps for low capacities & high heads.

Boiler feed for high and medium pressure boilers with both hot & superheated water

Water supply system.

Booster service and fire fighting systems.

Foamy liquids.

Transfer of condensate.